Our new Kosme filler was put in at the beginning of April in 2014.The Kosme replaced our stone aged Muyers filler that was put in the building in 1985 when the brewery opened up. It was also replaced because the old one was built in the late 50's, not a bad run I’d say. The new 24 head filler can push out 120 bottles a minute, but and there is a but, we only run on average 88 per minute So that means we can do 180 cases per hour. This is the reason why we do the slower speed. Every Tuesday four of us will bottle on average seven hours. One person will run the machine, another will put the empty bottles on the line, another will grab four filled bottles at a time and put them in the packaging and the last person will grab them after the packaging goes through the taper and stacks them to order. So it starts to get pretty tiring doing all that by hand over seven hours.