​                          Available February - April

Beer Style: Hefeweizen

Malts: 2 Row Brewers,         White Wheat

Hops: Millennium, Willamette

ABV: 5.7%

IBU's: 12

O.G.: 14.2° Plato 

F.G.: 3.5° Plato 

Food Pairings

Lighter foods such as fruit salad & lettuce salads, seafood, sushi strawberry shortcake, key lime pie and other light desserts.

Now this is a Hefeweissen made for Iowa! We took a little liberty with putting a twist on the name calling ours a Hefe"r"weissen to fit into the Iowa theme we have at Millstream Brewery. While we took liberties and played with the name, we did not compromise on making a true German Hefeweizen. This beer is quite sweet with fruity flavors of banana and clove, with a full body. It is very lightly hopped so it has little bitterness. The "Hefe" prefix means "with yeast", and "Weizen" means wheat. Thus giving the beer an unfiltered and cloudy appearance .