Before a keg is ever filled even if its brand new we will clean it. The keg cleaning process really isn't a difficult job, but it does take time. Our keg cleaner can do 3 kegs at a time, which is 1 more then our previous cleaner. There are about 5 cycles to cleaning a keg, the first being to blow out all the old product. Next the it will spray the inside with a water/pbw combo, then rinse that out and do another cycle with a water/acid mix, once again rinsing it out once its done. The last 2 cycles include blowing air in just to make sure everything gets removed, then its pressurized with C02. The whole process can take up to 8 minutes.

After the cleaning process it is taken to our ramp so the person filling (aka: Tom) knows which kegs are clean so he can fill them. Filling kegs like cleaning them isn't all that hard, but it also takes time. Taking the empty kegs Tom puts them by the tank that has the beer he will be filling the kegs with and sets all his lines up to fill the kegs. Hooking up the tank straight to the kegs Tom can fill 2 at a time averaging 2 every 5 minutes. After they are filled he puts a cap and collar on so we can tell which is which. Once they are filled 2 or 3 of us will hall the kegs up the ramp and on to palates for orders. ( Rain, Snow or Shine)