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                                                               OUR MILLSTREAM BRAU HAUS STORY
                                             Brau Haus: (Definition) The name simply means Brewing House!

In August 2016 the Millstream Brau Haus was born! For years the Millstream Brewery owners had said that it would be wonderful to add an authentic German Bierhalle to the Amana Colonies. When Lord Nathan Kula came to the Amana’s looking to open a restaurant to “shake things up,” Chris, Tom and Teresa took the opportunity to bring him on board! Bringing 22 years of restaurant experience and a passion for creating a fun dining experience, Nathan has been having a blast learning the “German Way”. Adding the Brau Haus gives Millstream Brewing the opportunity to make more “one of a kind” brews and specialty beers only to be sold in the Brau Haus! Of course these special brews are complimented by delicious German-style pub food! We create a “One of a kind” experience for all to enjoy during your visit to the Historic Amana Colonies! With our great staff, we feel blessed to have such a wonderful family at Millstream Brewery and Millstream Brau Haus! We hope you enjoy your visit!