​                  September - October

This style of beer originated in Munich to celebrate the annual German Oktoberfest. In the old days before refrigeration, beer was brewed from the time of the barley harvest until the first warm month, March. When the harvest came again any of 'last years' beer was consumed before the first new batches were ready. The event officially became known as Oktoberfest in the the early 1800's. The style of this beer is balance between the desires to have a drinkable beer and one that is strong enough to survive the long summer months in the cellar. Today we have modern refrigeration, but we still make this beer several months before the harvest so it can age properly. Millstream's Oktoberfest is similar to the our Munich style Schild Brau Amber, but it has more flavor, its maltier and darker in color. A truly special beer to celebrate the harvest, an important part of life here in Amana. Join us for the Amana Colonies Oktoberfest and partake in a pint yourself!

Beer Style: Marzen

Malts: 2 Row Brewers Malt, Bonlander, Munich 20L, Caramel 60L, Vienna

Hops: Millennium, German Tradition

ABV: 5.7%

IBU's: 21

O.G.: 15.3° Plato 

F.G.: 4.8° Plato 

Food Pairings

Mexican or any hearty, spicy food including chicken, sausage and pork.