What do you get when you infuse raspberrys and coffee beans into a rich milk stout beer - a Raspberry Latte Stout of course! This dark brew is a combination of deep roasted coffee, a rich milk stout and raspberries to top it off. The locally roasted coffee beans are from the Iowa Coffee Roasters and are roasted right up the road from Millstream Brewery in Cedar Rapids. After using 25 pounds of coffee beans to create the roasty character, it is then fermented with 170 pounds of raspberrypuree to add a touch of unique flavor to this smooth brew.

Raspberry Latte Stout

           Available February-March


MALTS: 2 Row Brewers, Wheat, Chocolate, Munich 20L, Black, Roasted, Special Roasted

HOPS: Millennium, Mt. Hood

GOODIES: Locally roasted coffee beans, Raspberry  puree

ABV: 7.6%

IBU's:  50

O.G.: 20.4 Plato

F.G.: 6.8 Plato