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Cody is our assistant Brewer and let me tell you this guy can brew some crazy one off beers.

Brian Im the guy that does it all? Or the guy that likes to think I do. I'll do anything from sales, warehouse work, internet to just talking to people. The brewing I leave to the better men like Chris and Heath. Selfie!


The Owners VS The Team

      Chris is our brew master here at Millstream. He is the one we give credit to for all of the wonderful award-winning brews that come out of Millstream Brewery!     

       Tom is our warehouse/production manager. He will schedule what we bottle/keg every week and get it shipped out the back door.


     Teresa is our marketing/sales manager. She works with the outside world and distributors to make sure the beer can be found in your favorite local spots. She also coordinates all the activities & events that go on at the brewery.